My Story

Hi, I’m Bethany, the one person show behind bdlighted. I am a fulltime graphic designer by day and jewerly designer by night.

I used to be quite comfortable doing just my day job, but there was always this insistent knocking in the background of my soul. A little voice that kept popping up saying “This isn’t it. This isn’t my truest passion. I want to make and sell JEWELRY.” That little voice was inviting me to leave my comfort zone far behind, start a freaking BUSINESS, and do what I really love.

Bdlighted is my answer to that call. When I open my sketch book and place pencil to paper its like opening a channel to pure creation. Shapes start flooding the pages and forming into jewelry. I want nothing more than to take the images in my sketch book and make them real, tangible, and delightfully wearable.

My reality started very small, but it is getting bigger, scarier and more wonderful every single day. Reality IS magical. It changes when you change. It get bigger when you get bigger. Bdlighted is my joyful reminder to you that reality is more wonderful than anyone can possibly imagine - and so are you.