Yes to the Dress

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Today I did something amazing or perhaps crazy, depending on your point of view.

I bought a dress.

But not just any dress.

I bought a $500 evening gown that I have absolutely no need for. I attend a formal event maybe once every 5 years. Maybe less than that actually.

This would be pretty surprising for most people who know me. For most of my life I have been the sort of person that rarely splurges, and when I did it was with such careful consideration that I'm not sure if it even counts. If found something that I loved when I was out shopping but I didn't really need it, I would tell myself "If I walk away now am I still going to want it this badly in a week?" Then I would walk away, and never end up buying the thing that I loved.

For most of my life I also believed that I couldn't make much money doing art or making jewelry, and I'm beginning to see a connection.

My own attitude towards spending actually backed up the false belief. Jewelry is exactly the kind of non-necessity that I would gaze at lovingly while I was out shopping but never buy. If I wouldn't drop $300 on a beautiful necklace that I absolutely loved, then how could I believe someone else would?

Cut to me a few years later, wandering into a boutique dress shop just to look and walking out with a receipt for the down payment on an evening gown that I have absolutely no need for, yet I absolutely love.

I came out with something else too: the knowledge that I could sell my jewelry.