How to be Ambitious while Loving Every Moment of the Present? (Part 1)

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Since I started having goals, believing I could achieve them, and working towards those goals I have drastically grown as a person and my life has changed along with me. In two years I went from nannying part time to working as a Senior Graphic Designer. Every time I stop to remember this I am struck with a sense of awe and deep gratitude. It is nothing short of miraculous.

Yet when it comes to my new goals I have a tendency to feel anxious and stressed out (despite the overwhelming evidence that 1. I am completely ok 2.the world I live in is magical and shapes itself to my beliefs). Playing In the background (and frequently in the foreground too) is this underlying sense of lack/dissatisfaction. For example:

  1. “I want to accomplish a lot” turns into  “Not doing enough” and “Not enough time to do everything”
  2. “I want a new car and my own apartment” becomes “Current car and residence not good enough” “Not enough money”
  3. “I want to grow my business and sell more jewelry” is paired with “Website is not good enough” “Photos are not good enough” “Copy is not good enough” “What do I even write about?”  and of course “Not enough time”

The world I live in is magical.

(Photo by Lukasz Oslizlo on Unsplash. Text overlay by me.)

When I was in college, on the other hand, my world was pretty small, but I was mostly satisfied. I didn’t travel too far out of my comfort zone. It never occurred to me that I could start a business so soon after graduating, that I could actually change my life by changing my beliefs, that I could eventually become wealthy doing what I love (my current goal). BUT I was less stressed, and I spent more time appreciating and enjoying the life that I was living as I was living it. I remember stopping in the middle of the path on my way home from late nights studying to stare up at the stars. I remember eating dinner every night with my friends in the dining hall and savoring the feeling of connection, and I remember walking everywhere on campus and constantly absorbing the beautiful scenery (Kenyon College is not ranked #2 on this list of beautiful college campuses for nothing).

To sum it up:

  1. In college I loved where I was, but I didn’t grow very fast.
  2. A year or so after college I started pursuing goals, facing challenges, and growing SUPER fast, but I tend to have underlying feelings of dissatisfaction.

So the question I am asking myself is how to proactively go after my goals and dreams while being happy where I am and loving every moment of the present.

I think may have something to do with these (more about them in part 2):

  1. Faith and gratitude.
  2. Shift focus from goals to process.


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Featured Image Photo by Lukasz Oslizlo on Unsplash

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